Toastwire – The Art of Bryan tan

The Art of Bryan Tan

According to the rules of the internet I came upon Toastwire… somehow. It was a click to a click to a click to a WOW! And then I was HOOKED like his lad on a fishing wire!

I knew right away that this artist really turns my crank! He has a playful approach to erotica. His lads are having fun and enjoying themselves. His interests in content are wide. He hasn’t pigeon holed himself into a particular genre or look.  Bryan is still clearly playing with his muse.

Bryan is clearly having a blast drawing images that pop into his head from the world around him. Inspiration seems to be a calendar date, a video game, a co-worker, a movie or a thrilling  dream away.



 So far Bryan’s not afraid to mix up both his platonic and sexual interests with his art. AWESOME. It makes for some decidedly fresh images! There is little new in this world, only endless NEW combinations.

And what of his monochromatic approach? I’d say that it’s amazing what this lad can do with a simple color palate. A lot of artists are hard pressed to color their own works effectively. It can be an entire other skillset. So it was really cool to see a few tentative color steps taken! They look awesome!



I couldn’t help but send him an email saying how much I appreciate his work. We’ve been chatting and bit and are working on a little project together! I’ll update you on shortly!

In the meantime, keep an eye on Bryan Tan! Please treat yourself and subscribe to the Toastwire RSS. Let your computer know when new illustration are posted!

All images in this post © 2012 Bryan Tan and Toastwire