Proudbator… my HERO!

Proudbator Site.

In our world of sexual hang-ups and repressed emotions it’s a wonder that most of us don’t all just explode from an absolute panic of  in-expressiveness.

Enter… PROUDBATOR! No, he’s not a character from Naked Justice, or a yet to be released comic. But he could EASILY be a character from The Initiation! Proudbator is a lad from New Zealand who PROUDLY MASTURBATES and more!

What’s awesome about him is that if it can be done… he’s doing it! I’m not talking about crazy CBT or insane FETISH stuff, but average hot “guy next door” fun!

If it involves cum, toys, cock-ring, ass play or piss play, he’s into it! And he’s genuinely having fun while doing so! He’s not one of those “I’m so pretty for my audience” kinds of guys. But he is pretty easy on the eyes!

He does run a paysite, and if you think his smile or dick are nice enough you can help support his spurts with full access. It takes a LOT of protein to make all that JIZZ!

This isn’t a referal, or affiliate thing! I just think he’s rather cute, honest and horny! It’s not often those three things align! Imagine if we were all so open with our proclivities!

So go visit PROUDBATOR and join him for the ride!

Proudbator invitation