I have a nagging fear of forgetting someone. At a party, at the mall, at Bent-Con, on Facebook… everywhere. Where do I know you from? Did I know you in Highschool? University? My first job? Were you at our table last year? Why can’t I just ask these things out loud?

I’m sure it’s some kind of social anxiety or something like that. So working on The Bromance completely tweaka that nerve. In the end, there are only NINE CREATORS who have worked on the book. But that’s way more than I can comfortably count on one hand or run through in my head!

So ask me who they are and I’ll tell you. Go ahead. Ask!

Thanks for asking! Well, there’s… (Who do I say first? Should I say Patrick because he’s my partner or is that nepotism? Maybe I should just go Alphabetical. Alphabetical by first or last name? Oh, Cray doesn’t have a last name.  Does Leon’s last name start with a D or an L? Oh crap, the’re reading me think here…)  And so I present the easy way out! The Bromance inside front cover table of contents thing!  It looks awesome and has everyone in the book listed!


OH CRAP! Adam Graphite isn’t in the table of contents because he did the cover, but that’s in the credits at the end of the book. Great now I’ve forgotten to mentions someone already and the book isn’t even out yet. DRAT!


And there are actually three other artists involved who’s timelines didn’t work out, but who are interested in working on the next volume! But that’s another story…

Hey folks, guess what… The work on Beautiful Dead #2 continues!  I know it’s a burning question that bugs you every morning.

I just recently saw the roughs for the ENTIRE second volume and it looks awesome. It’s going to be a fantastic comic with a ton of reveals and answers. If you wondered if “somebody” caused the outbreak, it’s in there. If you wondered what caused the mutations… it’s in there. If you wondered if Gage and Hayden are alone in the world… It’s in there!  If you wondered if we are alone in the universe… it’s not in there! But Butch would have us believe that we are not.

I wish I could share some pics with you, but I’m actually not allowed. The roughs are “interesting” and Butch would absolutely kill me if I posted much from them. His roughs are something of a mashup of sketches, backgrounds, reference materials, stick figures and color tones all vomited together. (In the best of ways!) (Sometimes Gage and Hayden & Zombie look like Terrance and Phillip in them.)

I can’t help myself… CRUNCH

Please realize that I am going to get in so much shit for this if Butch never see’s this post. SHHHHHH!

So it’s underway, and has been underway for a very long time! I finished writing it a while back, it simmered on the back burner while I got feedback from Butch and a few other trusted souls. Then Mr McLogic began to work his magic a few months ago. So you’re probably wondering when it will be done…  DON’T EVEN GO THERE.

I promise to post more frequently when I get more finished bits… and as I’m allowed to.




PS: getoutofhere



Beautiful Christmas Top!

About a month ago Patrick asked me a funny question.

He said “I can’t tell you why, but would Hayden ever bottom or is it so against his character that it could never happen?”  It took me half a millisecond to reply that anyone can be a bottom with some convincing. And that Hayden is no stranger to “convincing”.

So Patrick went away happy and left me confused… until a couple of days ago when he produced THE CHRISTMAS STRIPSHOW FOR CLASS COMICS FEATURING GAGE AND HAYDEN & ILLUSTRATED BY JACOB MOTT AND YES I AM YELLING!!!  

I was over the moon and sworn to secrecy until now! We’ve just posted it in a few places and will be sending the newsletter out tomorrow. (Yeah, it’s a bit early for Christmas, but we have to travel and I don’t trust scheduled things to not mess up.)

We’re actually including it in a Digital Christmas Comic for all our readers! FOR FREE! Go download it! Now! Here!

I have to give HUGE THANKS to Patrick and Jacob for teleporting Gage and Hayden away from the Halloween spirit and into the Christmas spirit of things!

Beautiful Christmas!

Gage and Hayden are in our Class Comics Christmas Digital Gift!


For three years running at Bent-Con I’ve extended my hand and said “Hi there, I’m Fraser, Robert Fraser.”  It confuses people that I want to use my last name first but they get over it once they start looking at our comics.

It’s not that I have delusions of grandeur. I don’t think that I’m Bond, James Bond. It’s that it’s a poorly chosen pseudonym.

I actually chose my pen name years before I ever had a use for one. It was just after high school and I realized that my first and middle names would make a great pen name when reversed. I vowed that if I ever write a book, I’d use it.

If you fast forward many many many years you’ll come to the time when Patrick and I first met, fell in love, and decided to work on Class Comics together. At the time my day job was for an stogy insurance company, owned by a very uptight international bank.

They were so uptight that our employment contract actually forbade us from engaging in activities which could potentially reflect poorly upon their precious financial institution.  In short, if I made erotic comics… I could lose my job. So I whipped out my long dormant pen name and the problem was solved!

Until I started meeting readers in person and didn’t want to be called Robert. I’ve stopped explaining it to people, but if I meet you at Bent-Con or elsewhere… just call me Fraser.



Gage and Hayden by Cantero!

How’s this for cool? After seeing my Initiation boys illustrated by David in Sons of the Night… I knew that I had to see David put his digital pen to Gage and Hayden.

A couple of weeks ago I asked if he might fit it into his schedule… and today I got a rough sketch! SWEET!  Now I just have to be patient for the next stage! (I’m not good at being patient.)

Gage and Hayden from Beautiful Dead as sketched out by David Cantero.

Gage and Hayden from Beautiful Dead as sketched out by David Cantero.

The original Instagram.

While at Bent-Con this year a wicked cool reader dropped by our booth. Jay was dressed in steampunk garb and sporting a functioning Polaroid SX-70. COOL!

He snapped a couple of shots of Patrick and I and was kind enough to leave one for us to keep. It took twenty minutes of furtive peeking, but finally we have an actual Polaroid of the two of us!


Patrick and I.

Patrick and I.

The Art of Bryan Tan

According to the rules of the internet I came upon Toastwire… somehow. It was a click to a click to a click to a WOW! And then I was HOOKED like his lad on a fishing wire!

I knew right away that this artist really turns my crank! He has a playful approach to erotica. His lads are having fun and enjoying themselves. His interests in content are wide. He hasn’t pigeon holed himself into a particular genre or look.  Bryan is still clearly playing with his muse.

Bryan is clearly having a blast drawing images that pop into his head from the world around him. Inspiration seems to be a calendar date, a video game, a co-worker, a movie or a thrilling  dream away.



 So far Bryan’s not afraid to mix up both his platonic and sexual interests with his art. AWESOME. It makes for some decidedly fresh images! There is little new in this world, only endless NEW combinations.

And what of his monochromatic approach? I’d say that it’s amazing what this lad can do with a simple color palate. A lot of artists are hard pressed to color their own works effectively. It can be an entire other skillset. So it was really cool to see a few tentative color steps taken! They look awesome!



I couldn’t help but send him an email saying how much I appreciate his work. We’ve been chatting and bit and are working on a little project together! I’ll update you on shortly!

In the meantime, keep an eye on Bryan Tan! Please treat yourself and subscribe to the Toastwire RSS. Let your computer know when new illustration are posted!

All images in this post © 2012 Bryan Tan and Toastwire

This post is brought to you by the reckless abandon brought upon by silly sentences spoken in grocery store checkout lines.

Patrick asked me what I would be doing tonight so I told him I would be crafting a blog post. And drinking whisky without an e. To my mind whiskey is for old men and whisky is for not yet old men.

And then one of us said “Boozing and Blogging”. It had a nice ring to it. I probably wasn’t supposed to actually write about the idea of writing while having a drink, but I’ve just gone and done it. If this happens too often I might name this site “Boozing and Blogging”…

I’m back! While you didn’t realize I was gone, I just Googled  “Boozing and Blogging” and it already exists as a blog. Not much over there however, so don’t go looking. The only thing of note is that it’s Canadian and has a contributor by the name of “Cletus”. I wonder if he distills his own Whisk(e)y.

I haven’t yet really started my drink, so this post might make sense, but the next has a chance of getting a bit out of control.

Last month was my birthday and I made a request of Patrick… draw me something!  This actually happens every year, but it’s only certain years where my request comes true.

Some of you might think “WTF?” “You only get your Birthday wish SOME YEARS?” Well, the truth is that some years he’s just way too busy and I’d prefer to have a new comic finished than a personal request done.

This year was different however! Patrick WAS still busy working on three different  comics at once, plus a couple of other projects… but it was a SPECIAL birthday that ends in a Zero. (I’m not acknowledging which one!) So that tricky man pulled a rabbit out of his hat and made me MULTIPLE Birthday illustrations!  WAHOO!

The first one I’m posting about has got to be Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2. I’ve NEVER played another character from this game because it would be cheating on Ellis. I just won’t do it. From the moment the game came out I’ve had such a hard on for Ellis that I couldn’t possibly consider courting any other character through a level. I could potentially shoot Ellis accidentally and then I don’t know that I could live with myself.

And so here is Ellis revealed in his full magnificence! I’m SURE that there will be a scene in Left 4 Dead 3 where Valve, the game creators, will have cause to strip off his shirt and have him swing away with his axe! For the more demure Ellis fan’s Patrick made two slightly less revealing versions!




I didn’t realize Ellis was voiced by Eric Ladin until just recently. Ok, I didn’t even know who Ellis Ladin was until last year when we started watching The Killing. But get this, he not only voices Ellis, but also Cole MacGrath from Infamous for the PS3.  And on TOP of that he had a role in The Walking Dead! (I’m just not sure if it’s the video game or TV show.)



One last look at Ellis before you go!

I’ve learned something slowly that I should have learned quickly about wordpress: NEVER CUSTOMIZE A TEMPLATE unless you want to drop to your knees, grab your head, yell out to the gods and cry.

It only takes two clicks to update a template… and blow away all the work you put into it.  So you can either decide never to update (and risk an entire mish mash of security leaks) or realize that your blog is like your body. Never quite EXACTLY how you want it, but close enough to be happy. Hopefully.

And so I’m now going back to the drawing board with the goal of making this site as close to as I “want it” without causing future problems.

Bear with me cause I’m no graphic designer!