Who I am

Who I Am

I’m always at a loss to explain what I do! The explanation always depends who YOU are and where WE happen to be! If we’ve never met, and you don’t know a thing about me, then i’m a partner in crime at Class Comics, a Gaymer, a Geek and some kind of -ographer! I make Naughty Comics for Grow’d up Boys, that contain a lot of naughty gay men! BEWARE: THERE LIE NAUGHTY PICTURES WITHIN THIS WEBSITE!

If you’re already an avid consumer of Class Comics titles and know all about me, then come right in! You might find out about what keeps me busy, what I think about when my brain works, and accidentally find out what might be coming next from me! But probably you’ll see naughty pictures of things that make me giggle.

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The Initiation

The Initiation was my first erotic gay comic!

Beautiful Dead

Beautiful Dead is a post apocalyptic lust story.

The Pack

The Pack is a tale of modern werewolves.

Class Comics

Class Comics is what wakes me in the morning.

Winner of the the best comic of 2009!

5 STARS! I was very pleased! Graphics were great, very erotic!! Story line was interesting enough to make you want to read on. Story and pictures made me very excited and horny!!

Aaah this looks hot! The zombie-halloween theme is sexy – can’t wait to order ;-D

Please tell me that “The Pack” is about lycans!